Desperate Times

The vibrant streets of downtown Fort Spector are teeming with life and fear. Even the revelers out enjoying the flashy nightclubs seem to be doing so because every night could be their last. Reports of gang violence are on the rise, many conflicts proving deadly for innocent bystanders, and that’s among the least disturbing things going on. People often tell stories of strange things happening in the streets: monsters and demons going on rampages, amazing feats of people wielding strange powers. And then there are the growing number of those going missing. No one seemed to care when it was just the homeless disappearing, but now more and more of all types are mysteriously vanishing without a trace. The occasional sounds of police sirens are rarely comforting here. The local law enforcement seem to be everywhere but where they are needed in this city. And when they do arrive, they don’t seem to care about whoever may have gone missing, or lost a life. They dutifully file there reports and wait for the next disaster to be too late to do anything about.

These are desperate times. This city seems to have it all, criminals, monsters, corruption, mystery. All that’s missing are heroes!

Fort Spector

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