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Monday, October 19th, 2015

Esterton University Student Missing

Sheri DeRaza missing since Friday

by Celery Kendrick

The search continues for Sheri DeRaza, the missing college student who was last seen leaving her dorm room late Friday afternoon to study at a campus library. A major in Medical Science, Sheri was known as a hard working, dedicated student by both her professors and her peers.

“She’s a kind person and really good friend.” Says her friend and fellow student, Jessie Hubbard, who has made flyers with DeRaza’s photo and has posted them around campus and the surrounding area. “Wherever she is, I hope she’s alright. I’ve been asking around all weekend to see if anyone has seen her. I’ve asked everyone I could think of who might be able to help, and I do mean everyone! Maybe even some people I shouldn’t have asked.”

Anyone who sees DeRaza, or has any information that could help locate her, should contact Inspector Larry Toshima at FSPD’s 4th Precinct.


Are police being aided by a mysterious vigilante?

by Larry Tessert

Local Police arrested five men under suspicion of drug trafficking last night. Responding to an anonymous tip, the police found the men restrained in Fort Spector’s Colevile district. All had suffered non lethal injuries from bullet wounds. On the person of three of the subjects were found large quantities of illegal substances including cocaine and heroin.

This unusual circumstances raise the question: Could this be the work of some kind of self appointed vigilante? Captain Victor Black of the FSPD’s 2nd precinct responds:

“Policing the streets is dangerous work, and it should be left to the professionals. We remind anyone who would consider taking the law into their own hands that that in itself is breaking the law. Perhaps these men are indeed violent criminals but without the due process of the law we cannot ever know for sure. As of now, they are still being held for questioning, but all we have on them is circumstantial evidence, it’s very likely that they will go free. That’s something for any would be crimefighter out there to consider, as well as the fact that we will consider them just as much a criminal and act accordingly.”

The Daily Inspector 10-19-15

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