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October 12th, 2015


Still Under Construction, the Downtown Tower is Already World Famous
by Owen Davidson

The Global Association of Architecture (GAA) has awarded Fort Spector’s Bayview Center project the prestigious Best in City Planning award for 2015. The anuall prize given to recognize excellence in innovative urban development marks a notable achievement for local firm, Skyline Incorporated. The sixty story tower, still under construction in the downtown area will be a mixed use building making use of cutting edge green technology. The lower floors will contain a shopping mall, a twelve screen multiplex cinema and low income housing. The upper floors will contain office space as well as high end condominium apartments, including penthouse suites.

Donivan Nathen, CEO of Skyline Inc accepted the reward at a ceremony held at the construction site yesterday.

“Thank you to the GAA for recognizing our efforts to redefine city living.”. He said in his acceptance speech. "We hope this to serve as example to Fort Spector and the world. With hard work and smart planing, we can create a sustainable future for generations to come. "

Bayview Center is expected to be complete in fall of 2016.


Rhetoric heats up with just weeks before election

by Larry Tessert

Candidate for mayor, Justine Wilborn has accused incumbent John Stranton of running an “administration of corruption” at a press conference yesterday.

“I believe that Stranton wouldn’t even know how to be an honest leader if he tried,” When asked to elaborate, she referenced her experience as a community leader when she helped organize grassroots petitions to aid the homeless. “I found numerous cases were innocent people were harassed by police who let gross criminal actions slide on by. Bribery in this city is the true rule of law and we have a mayor who is complacent.”

The Mayor’s office was quick to respond, releasing a statement soon afterward:

“The accusations and hyperbole by my opponent is pure nonsense. It’s unhinged hysteria that may be suited for the company she’s used to keeping: vagrants and drug addicts. It is certainly unbecoming of the leader of a beautiful world class city such as ours. I take the job of law enforcement very seriously and will continue to do so after the fine people of Fort Spector elect me as their mayor for the next term.”

Elections will be held on Tuesday, November 3rd


Notorious biker gang suspected
by Celery Kendrick

Investigations continue into the cause of the fiery explosion that sent a plume of smoke looming over Mire Bay last Saturday. Several witnesses report that the location, a parking lot at an abandoned warehouse, was being used as a base of operations for a gang of outlaew bikers. It has been said that this gang, whose presence in Fort Spector has increased in recent weeks, was engaged in various criminal activities, including the trafficking of crystal methamphetamine. It has been speculated that it was an accident due to the manufacturing of the drug at the site. When asked about this in an interview, Fire Chief Corey Watkins replied. “Evidence of a meth lab was found in the debris and it it is true that explosions can result from such operations, but it is unlikely to have caused the amount of damage that it did.”

This reporter has contacted the Fourth Precinct Police Captain, who has Mire Bay in his jurisdiction but has yet to get a response.

The Daily Inspector 10-12-15

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