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Tuesday, October 13th, 2015


Surprise Announcement a Setback for Florn
by Owen Davidson

In an announcement that was as shocking as it was sudden, Onixia Imports has severed all business relations with local construction giant, Florn Industries. Onixia has been the primary suplier of steel and other construction supplies to Florn for over fifteen years. That was until an oddly timed company wide memo at about 11pm last night from Onixia’s majority shareholder, Crystal Sinclair. The document ordered the immediate termination of business dealings with Florn and related contractors. The only explanation given was that was that “Recent negotiations with other parties and consideration of future plans has forced the company to reevaluate its priorities. Continuing relations with Florn Industries is incompatible with our long term goals.”

This morning, the following statement was released from the office of Steven Florn: “This is a very disappointing turn of events. We had highly valued our productive relationship with Onixia Imports and Ms. Sinclair. This is, however, a minor setback for this company. There are many suppliers all over the world that will be eager to do business with us. We intend to progress without delay to develop the great projects that make Fort Spector the great city that it is.”


Murder and Mayhem Plague Fort Spector
by Celery Kendrick

Last night, Fort Spector saw at least three murders and possibly more.
In the early evening, around 7pm, two men were shot to death by automatic gunfire outside of Eldentown’s Crawl Space Tavern. The victims were allegedly members of a biker gang, The Riders of the Apocalypse, leading authorities to believe that the incident was gang related.

At some time later that evening, a security guard was found dead at his post at the construction site for Bayview Center. Police found his body after responding to calls from witnesses claiming to hear the sound of gunfire from the upper floors of the building under construction. Police have yet to release the names of any of the victims or affirm if there was any other incidents of violence at the site.

The Daily Inspector 10-13-15

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