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Thursday, October 15th, 2015


Tragic and bizarre incident under investigation
by Celery Kendrick

In a shocking and unforeseen turn of events biologist and researcher Dr. Hiroto Hiroshi was killed by gunfire as he was giving a public speech yesterday at the Pinnacle Research Institute (PRI) on Hutch Island. The assailant was a member of PRI’s private security detail working at the time. Witnesses report seeing the attacker become agitated just before the incident, occasionally muttering nonsense and outright shouting just before the attack. He then opened fire toward the audience as they began fleeing the auditorium. This resulted in several reported injuries but, thankfully, no further casualties before he was detained by other members of PRI security. Local police have not yet released the name of the suspect or revealed where he is being held.

This brings up several questions regarding practices by the PRI. Chiefly, why are their security armed with such leathal firepower to begin with? How is it that someone clearly so unstable came to work for them and thus be wielding such a weapon? Responding to such inquiries was PRI’s chief of Security Lennard Trey in a statement released later that afternoon.

No one can be more shocked and saddened by the tragic loss of Dr. Hiroshi than all of us at the Pinnacle Research Institute. He was a brilliant scientist and dedicated worker determined to make a difference in the world. Our hearts go out to his family, friends and loved ones.
Regarding matters our our security, strict psychological evaluation is part of the hiring process for all of our staff. We take this incident very seriously and are vigorously investigating how such a tragic event could have happened. The armaments used by our security staff may seem extreme, but keep in mind that our institution is a world leader in cutting edge research. Should our technology and data fall in the wrong hands, like a terrorist seeking to create a biological weapon, the consequences would be disastrous. The precautions we take are necessary to insure the safety of all.


Two Officers Found Dead in Apparently Related Incidents!
by Owen Davidson

Officers Lance Hawkins and Carlos Foster of the Fort Spector Police Narcotics Division where found dead last night in two separate parts of the city. Both died of lethal bullet wounds to the head. The timing and identical methods has caused alarm in the FSPD, with speculation that there is a serial cop killer on the loose. All units are now on full alert. Both officers were off duty at the time suggesting that the perpetrator, if it is the same person, knew the men well enough to target them specifically. An investigation is underway and authorities are withholding any further information about the crimes until more is known.

The Daily Inspector 10-15-15

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