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Wednesday, October 14th, 2015


Opposes demolishing the Turning Point Hotel
by Larry Tessert

It was an unlikely venue for a press conference, in front of an old brownstone hotel on the poorer side of downtown Fort Spector, but that’s where mayoral candidate, Justine Wilborne made her statements yesterday evening. “This is the sort of short sighted disastrous city planing that needs to stop in this city.” She said as she point to the large sign detailing the proposed new construction in the area with plans to demolish the building. This isn’t just some old hotel. For the past 20 years, the building has been used as a halfway house for homeless people down on their luck. Now called The Turning Point Hotel, it’s served as a place for people to stay while they get back on their own two feet. “We need places like this for the unfortunate, poverty stricken people who have no where else to go. The plans to demolish this building show just a small part of the wrong direction this city is heading in. Stranton doesn’t take into account anyone but the rich developers who only want to get richer.” Wilborne spoke to cheers from the hotel residents listening “I promise that as mayor I will stand up for bold institutions such as this. Not to let it be budozzed to make room for more gentrification.”

The proposed construction will be that of a 14 story mixed use building with condominium apartments on the upper floors. The hotel is a 6 story brick building built in the 1920’s. Inside, volunteers run housekeeping services maintenance. It gives the residents can have a place to call home while they look for jobs and new places to live.

“It’s a terrible trap to fall into, to wind up homeless.” Says hotel proprietor and community activist Arthur Flynn. “What we try to do here is treat everyone with respect, and give them an honest chance to make good. I’m really proud of what we do here. I like to think it gives people hope.”

The office of Mayor Stranton responded by issuing the following statement:

Wilborne is grasping to tug at the voters heart strings with this stance. We are all well aware of the good that the Turning Point has done for people over the years. We are also aware that it is a decaying old building. Much progress has been made with Inner City Services, the city’s social work program and the less fortunate amongst us are best off receiving aid from certified institutions. If she really cares about the plight of the homeless, she would want facilities for them that are of such disrepair and vermin.


Engineered T-Cells key to innovative treatment
by Owen Davidson

Dr. Hiroto Hiroshi, a member of the Clinical Research and Public Health Sciences divisions at the Pinnaclecle Research Institute (PRI), will present recent groundbreaking developments in treating pancreas cancer with engineered T-cells at a special conferenceence for the American Association for Cancer Research this afternoon. The Conference, attended by the nation’s leading resarchers in the field of cancer treatment, will be held at PRI’s main campus on Hutch Island.

This innovative approach is said to possibly lead the way for developing new ways to treat all forms of cancer.

The work was supported by PRI’s Dr. Uduak Zuberi and Dr. Aaron Trillyard

The Daily Inspector 10-14-15

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