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Thursday, October 22nd, 2015


Long Tenure’s End Marked by Shocking Letter

by Celery Kendrick

Dr. Aaron Trillyard, head researcher at the Pinnacle Research Institute has resigned from his post at the company. Recently lauded for his groundbreaking cancer research, he’s been a essential team member at Pinnacle for the last twelve years. Yesterday, however, he served his resignation in what is rumored to be a highly passionate letter, criticizing the company and making disparaging remarks regarding the upper management.

“This is a shock for all of us at the Institute.” Said Thomas Lambert, Chief Financial Officer for Pinnacle’s Special Research Division, “Dr. Trillyard has been a valuable asset for us. We would have hoped that any differences could have been resolved but at the same time, many of the comments he made in his resignation letter would be unforgivable from any employee. Here at Pinnacle we value loyalty and commitment to the company. It pains us to see him go. The Institute remains committed in it’s pursuit of scientific knowledge and groundbreaking research. We plan to forage ahead to provide a brighter, more enlightened future for humanity.”

Lambert declined to comment on the grizzly demise of Dr. Hiroto Hiroshi, who was gunned down by a renegade security staff member during his presentation last week. Local law enforcement says the incident is still under investigation.

Trillyard himself could not be reached for comment.

The Daily Inspector 10-22-15

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