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Sunday, October 18th, 2015


Willborn Gains in Recent Polls

by Larry Tessert

Current polls show that the Mayoral race for Fort Spector is in a statistical tie. Justine Willborne, challenger to incumbent John Stranton has risen to 48% among likely voters. That is well within the margin of error. Willborn seems to have ridden a wave of discontent among city residents. Chief among the concerns of her supporters is the high crime rate as well as rumors of widespread corruption within the Stranton administration. This could mean trouble for Stranton’s campaign to keep office. He’s been running on the claim that he’s been tough on crime. When asked about this in context of the fact that violent crime reports have gone up during his term in office, his office responded by shifting blame. “The rise in the crime rate is due to the positions of bleeding hearts like Willborne. Violent thugs need to face justice and be punished, not be coddled and given comfort as Willborne would do. This Mayor has done nothing but advocate for strong law enforcement, but that can only go so far as long as criminals are set free for pathetic excuses or rewarded with a nice place to live like in the Turning Point Hotel.”


Meteorologists are Stumped

by Owen Davidson

Last night’s storm, which featured record breaking rainfall and lightning, stood in stark contrast to the forecast by the National Weather Service, which called for partly cloudy skies and unseasonably warm temperatures. Sure, it doesn’t really sound like big news that a weatherman is ever wrong, but this time experts seem to have no idea how it happened. “Most of the time it’s obvious.” Says local weatherman Larry Durant. “We can usually just point to a cold front that went an unanticipated direction. This time however it’s a complete mystery. One could even say by looking at our radar records that the storm just came in out of nowhere. Oh well, we never claimed that this was an exact science.”

The Daily Inspector 10-18-15

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